Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Fundraiser

Mini Session Photoshoots benefiting the northwest Immigrant Rights project by Infinitely Possible Images

Infinitely Possible Images is donating 80% of the profits from your mini photoshoot on August 25th, 2018 in Seward Park from 2 pm to 5 pm. Sign up online to claim your spot! Or call 206-359-5300 to schedule your time now.



Event Details

This event is ideal for fun family photos and headshots. We will have 20 minutes together to capture your family, friends, or just you having a great time. Capes and masks are optional. There will also be the option to have your image taken as if you were flying.


This is special price for the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and includes 10 digital files to be downloaded from your own personal gallery. You will have the chance to review your whole gallery online and purchase more files or products if you wish. $199 plus tax.

There are more packages available if you are interested in purchasing a book or wall art please let me know in advance.

seward park family photoshoot

Schedule your time and date and make your deposit now by clicking on the button below.



Northwest Immigrant Rights Project Information

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project has been working to provide legal representation for undocumented immigrants as well as systemic advocay and community education in Washington State for many years.

Their work has always been important. However, our current political climate has put issues such as immigration in the spot light. NWIRP has stepped forward and taken a lead position in defending the human rights of people and families trying to immigrate to the United States the only way they know how.

NWIRP has been instrumental in representing three of the mothers separated from their children in Texas in June. They have already helped one mother be reunited with her child.

Still, there is so much work left to do.  It is already being suggested by some branches of the government that they leave the work of reuniting the families that they have separated to the non-profit organizations. While NWIRP is a great organization it is going to need a lot more support and backing to make this happen.

Through this fundraiser you can make sure to capture memories of your family together while helping others return to their families as well.

Learn more about the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project and their amazing work on their website: